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  • Dumb Porn

    Missy Jubilee presents the films in The Future Sex Love Art Projekt to be an “intelligent alternative to dumb porn.” Calling porn “dumb” may seem simplistic and even childish. But Missy’s words are always chosen with intuition, insight and intention. So while the term may be minimalistic, it holds great awareness of the dangers of such prolific senselessness.…

  • Your Daughter Will Be Influenced By Porn

    Mothers – Perhaps It’s Time To Talk About It? As a proactive and open-minded mother, I am sure you are eager to help your daughter in whatever difficulties she faces.  You may already have had conversations about menstruation, hygiene, body image, and sex.  But have you talked with your daughter about pornography? If you are…

  • What Is Sexuality?

    Here is a picture that could help. What is sexuality? This, it appears, is the multi-million dollar question. It is said the subject is too complex for one consistent definition. And despite all the books I have read, I could not find one clear model that I could use to understand my sexuality, let alone…

Who Is Porn-Ed?

Porn-Ed has been founded by Belinda Tobin to transform her anger about the dangerous effects of porn into action – action to allow our children to become informed consumers of all manner of sexualised materials and build healthy intimate relationships.

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